UWM Colludes with former AIME CEO — Harming Consumers


United Wholesale Management CEO Mat Ishbia is facing renewed scrutiny for his ultimatum to brokers to prevent consumer choice.

In yet another example of his behavior to impede hard-working Americans,  Ishbia has chosen to work with his friend Anthony Casa against hard-working independent broker channels.

Longtime Politico Jared Whitley highlights these questionable behaviors in his recent Real Clear Policy piece, examining how Ishbia’s actions are affecting both consumers and even those hard working Americans he once claimed to advocate for: 

Ishbia is breaking into the loan origination space, affecting the loan officers he plans to support. Not only that, but he is collaborating with his longtime friend Casa, who is in the midst of a lawsuit for making misogynistic comments about a competitor’s wife.

It’s not too much of a stretch to think that Ishbia isn’t just underwriting mortgages, that he’s likely underwriting this venture too. UMortgage’s branding is even eerily similar to Ishbia’s endeavors including United Shore and United Wholesale Mortgage.

With UWM filing lawsuits against those who went Ishbia’s infamous ultimatum, it is evident that that the company will do what it takes to reach the top—even if it means negatively affecting consumers.

As Whitley concludes:

So is Ishbia leveraging his relationship with Casa to pull that strings at UMortgage – and directly compete with other loan officers – furthering enriching the Ishbia family at the expense of independent brokers and consumers? Time will tell.