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Save Broker Choice is a project of CASE, Consumer Action for a Strong Economy, the nation’s foremost organization devoted to the singular cause of promoting consumer interests through the advancement of free-market principles. Like all consumers, American homebuyers, prospective homebuyers, and those looking to refinance their homes deserve to have best options available for them to choose the financing that best fits their needs. 

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  • Is UWM Violating Antitrust Law?
    It has been well-documented both in the media and in this blog about the anti-consumer impact of United Wholesale Mortgage’s “All-In” Initiative. America’s MoneyLine (AML) though, in its countersuit, has sought to highlight another devastating effect of … Read more
  • America’s Moneyline Advocates for Brokers
    Independent Brokers will not back down without a fight. America’s Moneyline (AML), a California-based brokerage announced that it filed a countersuit in response to United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM), after the lender attempted to sue AML for supposedly … Read more
  • Losing the “Right of Choice”: UWM’s “All-In” Initiative One Year Later
    Nearly a year ago, United Wholesale Mortgage CEO Mat Ishbia issued an ultimatum— as part of the company’s “All-In” Initiative” – that restricted mortgage brokers who wanted to work with UWM from working with two of UWM’s … Read more